Simon Marshall

Simon Marshall

Co-Founder | CEO

Simon Marshall


‘I am an optimist that sees possibility everywhere: I believe that every person is capable of leading meaningful, fulfilling and extraordinary lives. When we tap into this huge potential in people, magic happens. And when we extend this across organisations, we can create healthy, resilient cultures and unprecedented performance – and by connecting everyone together on this journey we can change the world of work. I am privileged to lead WhyNot to help bring this possibility to the world’. 

Over the past 25 years, Simon has been dedicated to working with leaders who are committed to create the extraordinary, by unleashing the full potential of their people. He has designed and led over 50 world scale programmes that have shifted the context and performance of major companies in many industries, including Manufacturing, Construction, Mining, Telecoms, Public Service, Automotive and Energy. He has worked and travelled extensively, supporting leaders to transform their businesses on five continents and across 35 countries.

Simon has designed and led innovative Safety interventions that have equipped leaders, managers, supervisors and workers to create safe working environments that have saved and enhanced many people’s lives, in organisations of up to 70,000 people in high risk industries.

Simon is the author of Why-Based Organisational Development and WhyNot’s Leadership Curriculum, and has extensive experience in leadership development, cultural and organisational change and executive coaching. His passion is most expressed by working closely with teams to design and create exciting futures for their organisations.

Simon’s interests include reading, classic cars, the great outdoors and learning from and contributing to the growth and development of his family.