Create breakthroughs in both safety performance and productivity

There are only two ways to influence human behaviour… manipulation or inspiration

We know that when we create a positive Safety environment, people enjoy work and motivate each other to act safely. People are more willing to speak up, intervene with others and provide feedback.

Why-Based Safety is a positive and inspiring approach that engages people in new ways. It creates effective safety leadership and management, focused on harvesting what is going right and building on successes. 

Why-Based Safety is a commitment to better care for your people with everyone taking on the challenge of learning to be a better leader. When people are led in this new way, untapped potential can be released.

WhyNot is the company to call when:

You recognise that your investments in safety processes and procedures aren’t enough to keep people safe.

You have tried traditional ‘behaviour based approaches’ and have been disappointed with their effectiveness.

You are genuinely looking for what’s next, what is it that will really engage people in new and exciting ways, and enable them to choose to take the safest option.

You are worried about mental health & well-being and the cumulative effect it has on people’s lives.



The Why-Based Safety Approach

WhyNot supports clients across many industries to create a mindset and culture where everyone chooses the safest way to do their work – for themselves. Where everyone chooses to intervene to keep others safe as well. This mindset and culture creates safe and resilient workplaces.

We offer the following ways to get started in Why-Based Safety:



A process to look at the drivers of safety holistically and understand the powerful effect mindset and culture has on behaviour and safety performance.


An engaging and interactive set of workshops to open up possibility of taking on new thinking and action.


A suite of development sessions at Senior Manager, Supervisor and Frontline levels that develops the confidence and skills to intervene different in the day to day work environment.


Introduce new thinking into your organisation New thinking that evokes new safety leadership.

Should you wish to engage in taking the next step in safety, health and well-being, please contact us and we’ll be happy to have a chat.

Why-Based Safety is sourced from four key principles:

  • Safety must be Why-Based – when Safety is powerfully positioned as something that both serves the organisation’s higher purpose and that of the individual, it takes on a completely different context. Safety then becomes an act of creation, rather than something we simply have to do. 
  • People are the Solution – not a problem to be solved or managed. By connecting with people on a deeply human and personal level, and creating a genuine culture of care, we evoke people’s choice and leadership – such as choosing the safest route and intervening when they see others not doing so.
  • Safety is the Presence of Strengths – when we acknowledge and appreciate people’s strengths, we better engage people, building adaptability and resilience. Safety in this new model is not the pursuit of stopping bad things happening, but the fulfilment of a future we all desire. 
  • Everyone Matters – When people feel that we care for them and value their opinion, we remove fear and build trust, confidence and collaboration, enabling better communication and learning. When people feel cared for, we get better access to improve mental health and well-being.

If you’d like to know more about Why-Based Safety, or how we can best serve you or your organisation, let’s talk.