Create an environment that’s exciting, innovative, resilient & sourced from your organisation’s Why

Why-Based Organisational Development is the result of many years of study, learning, and most importantly, practical application of thinking, tools and techniques that have enabled organisations to create a step change in their performance.

In partnership with committed leadership, this approach transforms organisations to create an environment that’s exciting, innovative, resilient and sourced from the organisation’s Why. Now in its 4th generation, our approach is built on transformational thinking, which is quite distinct from ‘change’. Change is largely about dealing at the content level – shifting what we do or adding more. Transformation, on the other hand, deals mainly with the context within which we do these things.

By focusing on the context people discover new meaning for what they do, creating fresh possibilities and allowing breakthroughs in both culture & performance.

The Phases of Our Approach

The Why is discovered through a highly engaging process, and as a result, energy and creativity is released, as people choose to make this fully present in everything they do. Individual choice is fundamental to this process and in unleashing organisational performance.

Key activities:

  • Golden Circle Talks
  • Pre-discovery assessments
  • Why Discovery Workshops
  • Harnessing the Power of Why
  • Vision/Values/Mission/Branding Development
  • Top Ten Practices
  • Train the Coach

This phase harnesses the energy unleashed by Why Discovery in service of a significant declared outcome. The work to do is to describe, relate to and indeed start to be the source of the future that realises these new possibilities. Getting very clear on what it will take, what it will look and feel like are the essential foundations.

Key activities:

  • Organisational Assessment and Diagnostics
  • Alignment and Commitment Workshops
  • Business Case development
  • Leading Indicator development
  • Communication Sessions
  • Coaching

Planning based on a Why and an aligned commitment requires thinking and a process that is different from normal ‘left to right’ (present to future) activity based planning. Our methodology starts with putting in place the conditions that you want to create to allow the results you want to emerge – it is more flexible and adaptive in nature, planning from the future backwards (right to left).

Key activities

  • Understanding Why Based Planning
  • Strategic Planning Workshops
  • Communication sessions
  • Adopting new way of working and success measures
  • Coaching and Facilitation

To lead people at a higher level of engagement and performance requires development of new skills and practices. The goal here is to lead with people at the heart of the matter, making the whole experience feel like one of contribution, learning and development.

Key activities:

  • Leadership Development Sessions
  • Leading Self, Leading Others, Leading Change
  • Taking on/learning new practices
  • Listening events
  • Communications
  • Truly Human Leadership Coaching
  • Train the Coach
  • Feedback and learning

Given this emerging condition, this phase looks at the current processes, systems and structures and aligns them to be able to fulfil on the organisation’s Why and the new commitment. The goal here is to have everything in the Management domain of the organisation, being an enabler of the organisation’s Why.

Key activities:

  • Management Development Sessions
  • Management Integrity Assessments
  • Why-Based Management Workshops
  • Performative Language
  • Coaching
  • Team Development

Organisations that grow consistently over long periods of time have created and sustain practices that support organisational learning and development. In addition, these organisations nurture creativity, experiment and constantly iterate, building on successes and learnings to create a sustainable Why-Based Organisation.

Key activities:

  • Learning Workshops
  • Acknowledgement and Appreciation Forums
  • Capability Assessments
  • Iteration Workshops

If you’d like to know more about Why-Based Organisational Developmentor how we can best serve you or your organisation, let’s talk.