Create lifelong skills that increase performance & produce fulfilling results.

Coaching is about increasing performance, catalysing human development and giving clients a fuller experience of being alive. WhyNot coaches provide an ongoing partnership designed to help clients produce fulfilling results in their personal and professional lives.

We tailor our approach to individual client needs, eliciting solutions and strategies from the client; who we believe is naturally creative and resourceful.The coach’s job is to facilitate a client through stages of development in a particular domain of performance . When successful, the coaching relationship increases both client enjoyment and a sense of accomplishment.



Coaching in its most basic form is a conversation aimed at building or sharpening capabilities. The coaching conversation works when the client can observe how he/she was being in the situation and see the same situation in a new way. It is ‘seeing it in a new way’ that is pivotal in a coaching engagement. It is what will bring about the products of coaching and leave the client competent in the future.


The focus of our coaching is always and only on the client’s Why. It is the ethics of a coach to always remain loyal to the client’s agenda; to make sure each engagement and each session within the engagement has a clear contract and an outcome in a particular domain of performance. Although coaching is performance oriented, our coaches emphasize both doing and being aspects of achievement. Coaching is always in service of what has been committed to by the client.


Often overlooked, enjoyment is critical to the sustainability of both performance and development. People grow toward the positive, toward what they appreciate and what they value most deeply. One of the characteristics of top performance is a state referred to as ‘flow.’ People experience flow when they have attained balance between challenging goals and support from others. In the flow state, people experience themselves at their best and often produce their most creative work.

Our Coaching Approach

WhyNot’s coaching approach is designed to leave you with lifelong skills that increase performance in many areas.


Generative coaching fosters a relatively rare and special relationship between coach and coachee. It requires a coach to act as a “steward” in service of the coachees goals, completely independent of the coach’s immediate interests and projects. For example, a generative coach would encourage a coachee to grow and pursue his own vision rather than let him remain in a company that is a poor fit.

Generative coaching focuses on developing the employee’s creative abilities; its strength lies in giving individuals the tools to initiate and implement organizational agendas that are not mere extensions of the status quo. This approach also provides a powerful model for developing an individual’s or team’s vision; however, its effectiveness diminishes when someone has the “right” answer to the problem or issue.



The coaching relationship is designed to create an optimum balance between challenge and support. In this state, goals are just beyond one’s reach, but not so distant that they are unachievable. At the same time, the coach creates an environment of support and encouragement, which helps to keep the client on track with his or her commitments. When the balance of challenge and support is right, people experience what we call a state of ‘flow’, when enjoyment is at its highest. It is not only enjoyable to be in flow, it is highly productive.


The products of our coaching create an ability to observe yourself more objectively, create personal standards of excellence and continually improve your performance, indefinitely.

  • Self-Generation: We can always improve. Well-coached people know this and will continually find ways on their own to do so. They will practice more, they will watch others perform or they will learn an activity that will strengthen them in a new way, which improves their competence.
  • Self-Correction: Well-coached people can observe when they are performing well and when they are not, and will learn to make any necessary adjustments independently of the coach.
When a person’s entire being is stretched in the full functioning of body and mind, whatever one does becomes worth doing for its own sake; living becomes its own justification.
Mihaly Csikszentmihaly

Author, "Flow"

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