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What we do

WhyNot Partnering works with organisations to clarify purpose, get people engaged and committed, and develop the leadership needed to keep it real for long term, sustainable results.


The outcome? Why-Based Organisations.

Why-Based Organisations start with Why, engage everyone, lead from the heart and develop constantly.

Start with Why:

Why-Based Organisations are clear and grounded in Purpose (a Why), and this is a source of inspiration for clients, employees and all stakeholders. We believe the best companies in the future will have a ‘Why’ that goes beyond short-term production or economic goals.

Engage Everyone:

High engagement companies are more productive, profitable, safe; and they are the best places to work. Rather than coercion to gain control over people, Why-Based Organisations create a healthy ‘family-like’ environment where trust, integrity and empowerment are both preached and practiced.

Lead from the Heart:

The one thing that makes a leader is having a follower. Followers admire leaders who care for them, not only as employees, but as people. As Bob Chapman, CEO of Barry-Wehmiller says in the title of his recent book, “Everybody Matters.”

Develop Constantly:

With purpose as a North Star, Why-Based Organisations constantly grow and develop, shift and adapt to constantly changing conditions in the marketplace. By focusing on people as the solution, the best companies unleash strengths and thus overcome obstacles.

How do we do this?

From inspiration to implementation, we have ‘Hows’ to help you on your journey.

Why-Based Organisational Development

In partnership with committed leadership, our approach is inspiring, innovative, resilient and sourced from the organisation’s Why.

Built on principles of transformation,Why-Based Organisational Development will help your organisation discover new meaning for what you do, creating fresh possibilities and allowing breakthroughs in both culture & performance.


Why-Based Safety

Why-Based Safety is a positive and inspiring approach, based on the latest generation of safety thinking and practice.

The latest generation in safety thinking & practice, Why-Based Safety brings together new research with cutting edge ideas in human organisational development inside one approach, generating breakthroughs in your safety performance and productivity.


Executive Coaching

WhyNot’s Coaching is about increasing performance, catalysing human development and giving clients a fuller experience of being alive.

Our coaching approach is designed to leave you with lifelong skills that increase performance in many areas. Our coaches provide an ongoing partnership, producing fulfilling results in both your personal and professional life.


Workshops & Events

Our focused, high impact & interactive workshops are designed to engage people in a powerful way, evoke thinking differently and develop new skills.

Workshops that release the potential, transfer knowledge & skills and enhance leadership.


Speaking to Inspire

Our keynotes touch, inspire and challenge large groups of people in very short timeframes.

Talks that inspire & create new thinking, focused on topics that matter to your organisation.


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Our service is built around people. If you’re not sure what would best serve you or your organisation, let’s talk and we’ll be happy to point you in the right direction.

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