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Books we love…

Everybody Matters:  The Extraordinary Power of Caring for Your People Like Family

Bob Chapman & Raj Sisodia, Penguin

The best description of the benefits of a people first approach to business that we have found. Look for the Truly Human Leadership podcasts.


Rising Strong

Brené Brown, Vermilion

We love anything by Brené Brown, this book looks deeply into vulnerability & failure and shows how to embrace both.


Start With Why: How Great Leaders Inspire Everyone To Take Action

Simon Sinek, Portfolio Penguin

An easy read that explains, possibly the world’s simplest model – The Golden Circle. The book that started the Why movement.


Leaders Eat Last: Why Some Teams Pull Together and Others Don’t

Simon Sinek, Penguin 978-1-59184-532-4

A compelling book that talks about balancing some very human chemicals in the pursuit of leading with biology.

Leaders Eat last

Good to Great: Why Some Companies Make the Leap… and Others Don’t

Jim Collins,  Collins 0-06-662099-6

If you have never read this book you probably should, it is a seminal work in the understanding of human dynamics in business.


Thinking, Fast and Slow

Daniel Kahneman, Penguin 978-0-141-03357-0

If you’re interested in how the human mind works and how we make decisions this is the seminal book for you!


What Happy People Know

Dan Baker, St Martin’s Green 0-312-32159-7

An inspiring book about creating happiness and more fulfilment in life. Link this work with the EDSO in Leaders Eat Last and your really getting at what makes us tick!

What happy people know

It’s Not What you Sell, It’s What You stand For

Roy M Spence, Jr, Portfolio 978-1-59184-241-5

This work is useful to anyone who wants to start to create a purpose led organisation.  Very engaging and practical.


Reinventing Organisations

Frederic Laloux, Nelson Parker 978-2-960133-51-6

This work builds on Integral theory (Ken Wilber) and starts to shape the conditions and the nature of the next paradigm of the organisational construct.  A must read for those interested in Organisational Development.

Reinventing Organisations

The Puritan Gift

Kenneth Hopper & William Hopper, I B Taurus 978-1-84511-986-7

This book explains the community value that the Puritans took over to America which resulted in the formulation of mass production and ultimately capitalism, which was then exported to Japan and across Asia. A good read that reminds us all, any business is based on a higher purpose, serving others and some core values.


How Adam Smith can change your life – an unexpected guide to human nature and happiness

Russ Roberts, Portfolio Penguin 978-0-241-00319-0

Adam Smith is known as the ‘father of economics’, however it is a little known fact that this is his first book and the source for his economic theories was based on his insights about self and group interest. During the end of his life he returned to this book to revise it, believing that this was his most important contribution to the world.


Strengths Finder 2.0

Tom Rath, Gallup Press 978-1-59562-015-6

A hugely positive message about understanding your strengths building on them, rather than as is the case with much leadership development, spotting gaps and trying to fix them.


Strengths Based Leadership

Tom Rath & Barry Conchie, Gallup Press 978-1-59562-025-5

A useful addition to use individual strengths as access to understanding team dynamics and performance.


The 8th Habit

Stephen R Covey, Franklin Covey 0-7432-0682-7

Picking only one book from this seminal body of work form Covey is tough, but this is the one we go with.



Stephen C. Lundin, Harry Paul & John Chriatensen, Hodder & Stoughton 0-340-81979-0

A lovely novel style story of creating happiness in the workplace.


The Power of Full Engagement

Jim Loehr &Tony Scwhartz

The basic point they make is that to be fully present and engaged with the successive moments of our lives is a function of how well we are in body, emotions, mind and spirit (purpose).


The Practice of Adaptive Leadership

Ronald Heifetz, Martin Linksy & Alexander Grashow, Cambridge: Harvard Business, 2009

This is a hands-on, practical guide containing stories, tools, diagrams and worksheets to help you develop your skills as an adaptive leader – to be able to take people outside their comfort zones and assess and address the toughest challenges.


How the way we talk can change the way we work: Seven languages for transformation

Robert Kegan, Lisa Lahey, Jossey-Bass 0-7879-6378-X

How we create our world is through language.  This book helps us to understand how to create more of what we want by applying the seven languages.


Effective Coaching: Lessons from the Coach’s Coach

Myles Downey, Engage Learning 978-1-58799-172-1

A very practical guide to improving your coaching effectiveness.  Simple and effective and based on the thinking behind the ‘Inner Game’ series by Tim Gallwey.


Tribal Leadership: Leveraging Natural Groups to Build Thriving Organisation

Dave Logan, john King & Halee Fisher-Wright, Collins Business 978-0-06-125130-6

This book explains the growing study of leading and managing to our biology/evolution rather than trying to manage around it. A must read for all those who are looking to release the full potential of everyone around them.