Sally Caruana

My why is to enable people and organisations to realise their full potential.

“I passionately believe that the breakthroughs in performance and culture that businesses seek can only be realised through putting people first. My focus therefore, is helping leaders connect to what really matters most to them and their people; and unleashing the latent potential within their organisation to be able to confront their seemingly intractable challenges. This creates a workplace environment where people thrive; where trusting relationships are formed; people act with integrity; and loyalty and collaboration is fostered. In so doing, extraordinary performance becomes the norm not the exception. We founded WhyNot to make this difference and transform the nature of work.”

Sally is an organisational psychologist and certified executive coach and has over 20 years of experience in supporting organisations, teams and leaders at all levels bring out the best in themselves and their people, enabling them to address their own adaptive challenges and give access to a new realm of performance.

Partnering with clients to create a healthy, resilient and high performing organisational culture, Sally has worked mainly in high hazard industries including mining, oil and gas, construction, and manufacturing, and for many of the world’s leading organisations. Sally has worked in many geographies across the globe – throughout Europe, across several countries in Africa and regions of Australia, as well as in Mongolia and China, hence this has required the need to tailor solutions to a range of cultures.

Drawing on Sally’s expertise in cultural assessment and transformation, organisational, team and leadership development and programme design, strategy and implementation, she has designed, lead and delivered company-wide multinational engagements; deep dive engagements within large operations; and across and within global major capital projects. To create breakthroughs in safety, Sally has helped leaders and teams deepen their relationship to safety and people in such a way that it becomes a core personal value and commitment that drives performance.

Sally’s primary passion is working closely with leaders and leadership teams that are looking for a step change in performance and are inspired by new possibilities for themselves and their people. At a 1-to-1 level Sally thrives on coaching leaders to be the best that they can be. She loves nothing more than supporting and challenging leaders to develop their leadership and organisational capability to address their adaptive challenges, and develop a strengths based culture where people development is focused on enhancing people’s talents rather than correcting their weaknesses.