Rick Strycker

My Why is to help create work environments that nourish the human spirit.

“I feel strongly that the key to lasting success for the companies of tomorrow will be a commitment to care for people and to create environments where everyone can thrive. This is the reason we founded WhyNot. We support those leaders that believe what we believe, and who are ready to make it real.”

Over the past 20 years, Rick has been on a mission to partner with key leaders who are committed to the performance, development and enjoyment of their people at work. He has provided thought leadership and a dedication to the continual innovation of high impact approaches that put people back in the picture, and which generate high performance.

Rick is an organisational psychologist with expertise in personal and organisational transformation, leadership development, ontological design, strategy, assessment and diagnostics, and executive coaching.

He has worked with companies in Energy, Construction, Mining, Manufacturing, Publishing, in Major Capital Projects and in Operations.

Recently, Rick was responsible for building a set of practices and approaches to scale a consultancy from $8M to $90M USD, from US-based company with international aspirations to a global company operating successfully in every major market. During this time, he influenced the design and execution of hundreds of engagements spread out over the entire world, touching hundreds of thousands of lives.

Rick’s interests are eclectic and wide-ranging, and he has studied psychology, philosophy, safety science, business strategy, evaluation and measurement, and postmodern thought. He is a founding member of the Integral Institutes, which is one of the leading centres of contemporary thought.