Linda Brewer

My why is to reveal the often unexplored existing potential in individuals and groups so that they can best express their contribution to organisation, environment, and society.

“I deeply believe that each individual and community has a critical contribution that they can uniquely make to the world. I have seen over and over again that when an individual or group connects with what truly motivates them, surprising and unpredictable things occur. In an organisation this most often leads to unanticipated gains – in economics, efficiencies, reputational enhancements, environmental contributions, and alignment with communities. In communities, this results in a positive impact on the quality of life, buoyant connections to the past, to culture, and the valuing and enrichment of history. In individuals, this most simply results in a step towards your own full potential. By starting with changes to the world of work, we all can contribute to our own best future.”

With over 25 years experience in strategy and organisational change management, Linda has worked with leadership teams at all levels of organisations to identify and deliver solutions to their most significant challenges. at the industry, organisational and team levels. Leveraging her proven organisational change management techniques, Linda has worked to enable organisations to move from concept into their desired new reality. To do this Linda works with her clients at multiple levels of the company to draw out their individual and group Why – jointly discovering new solutions in the unexplored territory of relationship and economics between divisions, companies, and industries.

Over the past decade, Linda has worked with organisations to develop their understanding and relationship to sustainability or non-technical risk to drive change. Linda has worked with more than 50 global organisations in partnership with experts (in risk, strategy, safety, environment, security, corporate social responsibility, finance, procurement, and human resources, among others) – to identify ways to build on the company’s current and future economics. Her focus has been largely in finance, oil and gas, mining, chemicals, power, and media.

Linda’s passion for safety is driven, like many safety professionals, from personal safety experiences and the desire to see meaningful change – to learn from the past and to safeguard the future. Linda works in the trenches as well as challenging leadership with the realities of differing perspectives, utilising tailored and pragmatic approaches rather than automatic or blanket applications of safety solutions.

Raised above the Arctic Circle in Inupiat and Scientific Research Communities, Linda is the author of many articles on non-technical risk as well as manuals on approaches to effective organisational change management. Linda has lived and worked in Africa, the Americas, the Arctic, Australia, Europe, and is most often based in the US and the UK.